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To see my current projects, go to http://pkeu.net/projects/

University Teams/Projects

AIAA/DBF – The University of Illinois Design/Build/Fly Team where I’ve served as Chief Propulsion Design Engineer and Assistant Chief Manufacturing Engineer. I also did most of the electrical work both on in-shop machines and on-plane devices.

Hendrick House Government – I’ve served as Vice-President and President for the entire house body of 300+ students planning several social events and speakers to come in and speak to the student body.

Personal Projects

Lab Regulated Power Supply – +-12V +-5V +3.3V
Complete ( 6/2008 ) – Post

Variable Voltage Power Supply +2 – +22V
Complete ( 6/2008 )

5V Oscilloscope
Complete ( 7/2008 )

Complete ( 6/2008 )


Complete (5/2009)

Wind Tunnel 0mph- 5 mph
Complete (5/2009)

Hydrogen Generator
Approved for Hendrick House EOH Team at UIUC (10/2009)

Propulsion Experiments
Proposal Complete, preparing for funding. (8/2009)

Automated Room Lights (w/ Arduino Microcontroller) (Current)

Nuclear Propulsion Laboratory, IEC Thruster Group (Current)

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